Übungen für Zeitformen/Tenses

10. Klasse | Simple Past vs. Present Perfect

[***] Aufgabe: Setze die richtige Zeitform ein

  1. Scientists all over the world (to study) our planet for many years and they still (to see) everything.
    scientist = Wissenschaftler
  2. Did you like the song "heal the world"? I don't know (hear, never) that song.
    keine Übersetzung ;)
  3. Shakespeare is a famous writer. He (to write) many sonnets in his life.
    famous = berühmt
  4. My girlfriend and I (to know) each other for ten years now.
    know = hier: kennen
  5. Jason (arrive) in Cologne two days ago.
    arrive = ankommen
  6. You (not have) so much money for two years now.
    keine Übersetzung ;)
  7. Things (change) a great deal at JayLu Teaching Group. When we first (start)working here in 2004 we (have) only one student. Since then, we (expand) to include more than 250 students.
    keine Übersetzung ;)
  8. This house (build) by our grandfather. He (found) our village a hundred years ago.
    keine Übersetzung ;)
  9. Our kids (never, visit) Prishtina, but they have (travel) to Albania many times. Last time we (fly) to Kosova we (go) to see the mountins. We (spend) many hours there and the kids (love) it.
    Prishtina = Hauptstadt Kosovas
  10. I (clean) my bike yesterday but I (not clean) my shoes for ages.
    for ages = eine Weile

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